How to attend

Q: Who can attend the IBF?
A: The participation at the IBF is reserved to professionals of the publishing, film, TV and multimedia industry.

Q: I am a literary agent, may I take part to IBF?
A: All Italian and foreign literary agencies may take part to IBF even if not exposing at the Turin International Book Fair.

Q: How can I attend the IBF?
A: If you want to take part to the International Book Forum you have to register on our website The registration is free and to attend the IBF (and to have free entry and a personal agenda of meetings) you will have to confirm your participation on the online registration form.

A: How can I get my user name and password to enter the IBF site?

Q: During the registration process (click on the blue “Register” button in home page to start the registration) you will be requested to insert your email address and a password. Your email address will be your user name.

Q: Where do I collect my entrance pass?
A: From Thursday 9h May 2019, it will be possible to collect your entrance pass for IBF area at the  IBF Desk (Accreditation and Pass Collection), Lingotto Conference Center, Via Nizza, 280 Torino.

Q: Where do I find the IBF participants list?

A: The participants list is online and visible inside your personal profile (My IBF 2019). To access your personal profile you have to log-in with your user name and password.


Q: How do I set up a meeting with another participant?

A:To set up meetings at the IBF you have to update your timetable by visiting the page MY IBF 2019 – Set your availabilities. To request a meeting you just have to open the participants list and click on the icon beside the participant’s name. The other participant should now confirm he’s available, and the system will provide to elaborate the availability and place the meeting on the timetable.

Q: I can’t request a meeting with a participant. Why?
A: The person you’re trying to set up a meeting with may not have confirmed his participation yet.

Q: I’m not available on a certain hour an I don’t want the system to assign me meetings on that particular hour. What do I have to do?
A: You just have to click on the timeline and the hour you selected will turn red and be deactivated. The system won’t assign meetings on deactivated parts of the timeline.

Q: I didn’t get an appointment I requested. Why?

A: The participant you requested to meet may have a full agenda or the availability of the two participants didn’t match.

Q: How are the meetings assigned on the timetable?
A: After the other participant accept the meeting request, the system will elaborate the availability of both participants, automatically optimizing the meeting schedule.

Q: How do I know the number of the table I’m assigned to?
A: The table numbers are going to be assigned in the next weeks. By the end of April, you will be able to see the number of your table inside your personal profile, on the page MY IBF 2019.

A: How do I know at what table my appointments are taking place?
Q. By the end of April the meeting schedules will be online and you will be able to see your appointments on the timetable. At that point you will see next to every appointment the number of the table where the meeting is taking place.

Q: Why my timetable keeps changing?
A: The system automatically optimize the participants availability and re-place the meetings on the timetable every time a meeting request is accepted.